Punk Rock Baby Clothes for Boys: Funky Newborn Onesies + Rompers

It’s no wonder that men are such clothing geeks. It starts in infancy. What are hip little dudes supposed to wear? Cute and funky clothing for baby boys is out there, but it’s a bit hard to find. If hard-core punk or rock-and-roll baby stuff isn’t the right thing, gift givers should at least find something that has black and white or bright colors.

Newborn Baby Clothes

Babies can’t see pastels. Newborn infants start their lives seeing in black and white. After a week or so, they start seeing bright colors and bright contrasts. Infants look at edges, like where the black edge of a graphic print meets the white background.

Adults may prefer pastels but babies are not visually stimulated by soft colors. And, a baby’s brain needs input: talking, singing, colors, touch, and things like that. Well, it’s probably best to start out with Chopin or Vivaldi, but …

How to Recycle Clothes and Accessories: Tips and Tricks for Reusing Old Clothes to Make New Apparel

Fashions come and go faster than we can change our socks. Trying to keep up with trends and styles can be a disaster for the wallet. No one wants to look trendy and be broke. Recycling old and vintage styles is becoming a fashion in itself. It is a less costly, more efficient and greener option to breaking the bank for newest and best accessories.

The Future of Recycled Clothes

To prepare for the future, invest in some basic pieces that never go out of fashion. Luxurious pea coats, simple tops in basic colors and blue jeans never go out of fashion. All of these items can be used over and over, and can be embellished with the current trend.


Owning certain equipment can aid in getting the most out of outdated clothes. A sewing machine is excellent not only for finishing hems, but also for sewing together simple …

Where to Buy Unique, Eco-Friendly Baby Girls Clothes

Eco-friendly baby clothes for girls combine the unique style of an independent baby clothes boutique with the natural benefits of eco fabrics. While it may be difficult to find stylish organic baby clothes in stores, there are a number of great online resources for buying unique baby girls clothes that will reduce your little one’s carbon footprint before they even begin walking on their own two feet.

The Eco Benefits of Buying Organic Baby Clothes

Making the effort to purchase baby girls clothes made from eco fabrics rather than conventional cotton and synthetic materials is a simple way to start a child off with earth-friendly habits. The textile industry is responsible for a massive portion of greenhouse gas emissions and worldwide water use due to inefficient growing and production methods. Buying eco-friendly baby clothes as much as possible will lessen the impact of clothing on the environment and encourage the …

Flattering Women’s Denim Jeans for a Flat Butt: Most Popular Jeans to Get Bigger Booty are Hudson, TR, & Frankie Bs

The most flattering women’s denim styles for ladies with flat butts are Hudson Jeans, True Religion, Frankie B, and Paige. These brands will give a girl a better shape and the look of a rounder, bigger booty.

Cute Booty

What if God has given a woman everything else but she is lacking in this one key area? Other women can cheat to look skinnier. Why can’t a gal cheat to have a better booty? The good news is that a woman can fake a perfect derriere.

Ladies’ rear ends are used to sell everything:

  • They are shaking in rap videos.
  • They are used as a marketing tool to sell running shoes.
  • They are shown hunched over sports cars.

Some women even go so far as to have butt implants.

Booty Jeans

A great booty is probably the number one thing that guys refer to, as in, “Gee, she has a …

Children’s Hooded Towel Pattern: Sew a Poncho to Cover Up at the Beach or Pool

Whether it’s in the bathtub or at the beach or the pool, children love to play in the water. This hooded towel is easy enough for a beginning seamstress and should take less than an hour to make.

Materials Needed:

  • Bath towel or beach towel
  • Hand towel in a coordinating color
  • Sewing machine and thread
  • (Optional) Ribbon, bias tape, paint, appliques, etc. for embellishing and personalizing

Before You Begin:

If you’re making a towel for a toddler or preschooler, measure your child (this is less important for taller kids). Measure from the top of the shoulders to just above the ankles. Your towel will be folded in half when your child “wears” it so divide the length of the towel by two and make sure it’s not too long.

Most bath towels are 54” long and most beach towels are 60” long. If necessary, hem one or both ends of …

Swishing: How to Get New Clothes and Ignore the Credit Crunch

Out from the gloomy cloud that is the financial crisis has emerged a bright new way of thinking. Purse strings may be tight and stomachs knotted in anticipation of the precarious next paycheque, but women across the world are determined not to let the stormy climate get them down. And what better way to lift the spirit than a brand new dress or a pair of shoes?

Well, perhaps not brand new. After all, we can’t shut our eyes and pretend the world hasn’t descended into an economic nightmare. Women across the globe have discovered ‘Swishing‘ – an event that calls upon women of all ages to bring items from their wardrobe they don’t wear anymore, and swap those items for something else. It’s the guilt-free answer to updating your look.

Look Good and Look After the Environment

Not only is it bank account friendly, Swishing has environmental …

Four Key Runway Trends for Fall Winter: From Houndstooth Checks to ’80s Disco Fever to Parisienne Chic

Whether it’s a Parisienne-inspired wardrobe, 1940s elegance, serious shoulders, sparkly sequins, country classic tweed and houndstooth checks, this fall’s offes soemthing for every age group. Designers have a number of decades covered from the forties to the eighties, along with traditional men’s fabrics, given a feminine twist.

Country Classic Trend

Country classic meets-contemporary with this season’s oversized graphic houndstooth checks and the perennial fashion favorite tweeds and plaid. Traditional men’s fabrics are back, representing a country classic look, but they have been reworked and into sexy cuts (shift dresses, sleeveless jackets and quirky suits) and feminine accessories.

Alexander McQueen is key in representing the most theatrical elements of this trend with outrageously-styles houndstooth skirt suit. Vivienne Westwood, Michael Kors, Moschino, DKNY, Karl Lagerfeld and Burberry embrace this trend whilst John Rocha weaves some classic fabrics into luxe, quirky pieces. Find salt-and-pepper-gray marl too, providing a more urban look, in tailored …

Have Children Create Accessories: Headbands, Ballet Flats, Jewelry, etc.

Kids often want to personalize their clothing and accessories, but that doesn’t have to mean covering T-shirts with puff paint. There are other creative ways to combine crafts and personal style that will satisfy children and adults. Most of the following ideas will appeal to girls, but that doesn’t mean that the boys can’t help out!

Note: These projects need parental supervision, especially with the use of a glue gun.


What You Need:

Plain fabric headband

Sequins or glitter


Faux jewels


Glue gun

What To Do:

Have each child choose a plain-colored headband. Allow them to create any design using the above embellishments. The parent can them help the child affix the items to the headband using a hot glue gun.

Keep in mind to put most of the embellishments near the top of the headband and less at the bottom sides that go behind the …

How to Get Urban Street Style: The Basics of Urban Style

Urban street style can be seen in every corner of the world. With the rise of the internet, traveling be at an all-time high and international social networking sites, there has emerged an urban street style that can be seen from every corner of the world from Tokyo to Moscow to Berlin and all the way to New York City. Although no one’s street style is exactly the same and even though street style can differ city to city, most urban street style wardrobes share five basic elements: mixing and matching, second hand shopping, vintage shopping, crafty chic and signature pieces.

Mixing and Matching

Urban street stylers are not afraid of mixing and matching unusual elements. Whether this means mixing and matching patterns, stripes with polka dots or unorthodox color combinations, bold is beautiful. The bolder the combination, the better!

Second Hand Shopping

Second hand shopping can result in great …

What are the Shops at Don Mills? North York Shopping Center is a Breath of Fresh Air in Toronto

From celebrity chef Mark McEwan’s fresh food market to the opening of Canada’s first Anthropologie, the Shops at Don Mills offers Toronto shoppers an up-market mix of retail. The eagerly anticipated lifestyle center, which boasts valet parking, outdoor music and street furniture, opened in spring of 2009 replacing a traditional enclosed mall that was demolished (with much controversy) in 2006.

Here are some of the shops and boutiques that are creating the most buzz across the city.

AnthropologieTorontonians often have to wait a long time for their favourite American chains to make their way north of the border. The wait is over for fans of Anthropologie, the women’s apparel, accessory and home furnishing boutique which already has legions of Canadian fans shopping online. Now the fashion-saavy can browse the beautiful boutique in the flesh. From from the stunning collections of dresses, sweaters, shoes and bags to the bedding, curtains, …