The most flattering women’s denim styles for ladies with flat butts are Hudson Jeans, True Religion, Frankie B, and Paige. These brands will give a girl a better shape and the look of a rounder, bigger booty.

Cute Booty

What if God has given a woman everything else but she is lacking in this one key area? Other women can cheat to look skinnier. Why can’t a gal cheat to have a better booty? The good news is that a woman can fake a perfect derriere.

Ladies’ rear ends are used to sell everything:

  • They are shaking in rap videos.
  • They are used as a marketing tool to sell running shoes.
  • They are shown hunched over sports cars.

Some women even go so far as to have butt implants.

Booty Jeans

A great booty is probably the number one thing that guys refer to, as in, “Gee, she has a great butt.” If a girl is sick of that never being said about her, it is time to do something about it. Not lunges, of course, why work out every day to have the perfect perky butt when jeans can do all the legwork?

So what are the jeans that give good booty?

Get a Big Booty – Hudson Jeans

Hudson’s are the best, foolproof jean for a flat butt. This designer brand makes a girl look slim and the flap pockets on the backside make a female look very feminine.

Celebrities can wear whatever they want. Which ones have been spotted in Hudson Jeans?

  • Jessica Simpson (Hudson’s Signature Triangle Pockets in a Maxim photo shoot)
  • Kate Hudson
  • Gisele Bundchen
  • Jennifer Aniston

The Triangle Pocket Style is great on almost anyone with a little tush.

Cute Jeans – True Religion

True Religion is not cute on women who already have big booties. These women need to go for brands like, Rock & Republic, 7 for All Mankind, and Joe’s Jeans. However, True Religion is great for girls with flat butts. Shorter gals can try one of the styles where the embellishment / focus is higher.

  • Billy Dark Drifter Jeans
  • Joey Corduroy Jeans (their button flap pocket brings the eye up to create great curves).

Skinny Girls – Frankie B

These jeans are fabulous for booty-less babes. They make a butt look banging, but they are best for really, really skinny chicks. In addition, they are so low-cut that women should wear their Frankie Bs with long tops or be careful while bending over to pick things up at the grocery store. Check out how the back pockets pick up the natural booty shape to enhance one’s rear end.

These are hot. If they fit, buy them all.

Designer Jeans – Paige Premium Denim

Paige jeans were created by a former fit-model who thought she could do better than some of the creations she inspired, and launched her own product. The cut of her denim gives just the right boost to flatter a girl’s flat butt. Most of these babies are sleek and chic, and they are great for anyone with an “almost perfect” figure.

  • Hollywood Hills Las Palmas Pocket has a truly elegant embellishment
  • Hidden Hills Cottonwood Creek and Montecito Bristol Bay have nice high detailing for the optical illusion of curves.

Find a way to cheat nature. Try Hudson, True Religion (with high embellishments), Frankie B, or Paige Premium Denim to get a banging booty, so the next time a gal hears, “Damn, look at that fine behind,” it will be about the right person.