How to Recycle Clothes and Accessories: Tips and Tricks for Reusing Old Clothes to Make New Apparel

Fashions come and go faster than we can change our socks. Trying to keep up with trends and styles can be a disaster for the wallet. No one wants to look trendy and be broke. Recycling old and vintage styles is becoming a fashion in itself. It is a less costly, more efficient and greener option to breaking the bank for newest and best accessories.

The Future of Recycled Clothes

To prepare for the future, invest in some basic pieces that never go out of fashion. Luxurious pea coats, simple tops in basic colors and blue jeans never go out of fashion. All of these items can be used over and over, and can be embellished with the current trend.


Owning certain equipment can aid in getting the most out of outdated clothes. A sewing machine is excellent not only for finishing hems, but also for sewing together simple …

Red White & Blue Cheap Patriotic Clothing: 4th of July Kids & Mom

Here are good deals on patriotic Americana clothing for mom and kids. Look for anything that’s red, white, and blue.

Infant 4th of July

If grandma wants to buy something for baby that says “My First 4th of July”, that’s cool. However, some red, white, and blue outfits will look great all summer.

  • Patriotic Dog Romper (holding a flag). Sizes: 6 months – 24 months. The matching tee shirt comes in children’s and adult sizes. They have a similar style with a waving flag. These can be worn any day of the year. Start a trend.
  • Stars and Stripes Baby Romper (onesie). This is absolutely adorable without any personalization (plain). If mom or dad wants a design, go for something simple like the word “America” or “All American Baby.” A classic style (with no customization or just a very simple design) makes the outfit look more expensive and