You go out with some of the streetwear brand uk clothing like flashiest shirts, a nice fitted cap with a retro-looking Philippines logo, and a pair of black denims with bright yellow stitching. But, did you forget something? Probably not, you might tell yourself, but look deeper—look down. You have plain Adidas Classics. They look good if you’re jogging a few laps around the Los Angeles Coliseum, but you’re not going out for a brief jog—you’re going out to do whatever it is you damn please. So what do you plan to do? Get yourself a beautiful duo that sing out for attention; go get yourself a pair of sneakers, man. When it comes to streetwear clothing, you will never go wrong with buying yourself a pair of powerfully bright sneakers.

When it comes to sneakers, take a good long look at Air Jordans to soup up your street wear clothing closet. With over a dozen different styles in a plethora of colors, you would be insane not to find a decent pair of sneakers that are suitable to your liking. Take the Air Jordan Fusion: find them in black and green and you will be set to go; whether you go out eating, take a walk down the park, or just breeze on by the neighbor hood on your skateboard, the Fusions will treat you and your tastes right. If you want a tamer pair of feet, look for the Air Jordan 6s in black and red. The combination of red and black make the design plaid and make you look more casual. If you wore a pair of Jordan 6s, you would look self-respecting, knowledgeable and smooth. Maybe you are more professional and like leather? The Air Jordan L’style sneakers are made of fine leather. They are designed and conditioned to look like old, worn leather. Snap yourself up in a cozy, wool blazer, beige jeans and the L’styles and you’re set to expose your street wear clothing finesse.

Adidas shoes are famous for their sleek design and innovative space age clothing design. The Adidas Star Wars design is a clever use of colors, sneakers and Star Wars. The Adidas Star Wars Sneakers come in black, white, yellow, blue and red. Each shoe features a different character from the Star Wars franchise such as the storm trooper, Chewbacca, and of course, Darth Vader. If franchise isn’t what you prefer, you can take a look at the remaining Adidas street wear repertoire like the Fortitude Mid Sneaker, the Boston Super Sneaker or the Ciero Lo Sneaker.

Instead of looking out of place, get yourself a fly pair of sneakers to add on to your street wear clothing swag.