Edwardian Fashion Accessories

The well-to-do woman of the early twentieth century was very interested in fashion and had clothes for every occasion. She changed her outfits several times a day depending on her activities. Whether hosting an afternoon tea for her friends, bicycling or playing golf, visiting acquaintances or attending a dinner-dance, she would wear what the fashion rules of the Edwardian era dictated.

Many fashion magazines were published in the Edwardian era; some of them even incorporated free dress patterns into their issues. Along with advice and information on the latest clothing styles, many pages were devoted to the wearing of accessories suitable for each style of outfit.

As much thought was put into buying and choosing fashion accessories as into the clothes themselves.

Shoes as Fashion Accessories in the Edwardian Era

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How to Get Urban Street Style: The Basics of Urban Style

Urban street style can be seen in every corner of the world. With the rise of the internet, traveling be at an all-time high and international social networking sites, there has emerged an urban street style that can be seen from every corner of the world from Tokyo to Moscow to Berlin and all the way to New York City. Although no one’s street style is exactly the same and even though street style can differ city to city, most urban street style wardrobes share five basic elements: mixing and matching, second hand shopping, vintage shopping, crafty chic and signature pieces.

Mixing and Matching

Urban street stylers are not afraid of mixing and matching unusual elements. Whether this means mixing and matching patterns, stripes with polka dots or unorthodox color combinations, bold is beautiful. The bolder the combination, the better!

Second Hand Shopping

Second hand shopping can result in great …