Vinyl Dolls, Alternative Rave Fashion: Cybergoth and Rave Fashion for Women and Teens Online

Designer Osi currently resides in Los Angeles, California creating alternative fashion for women and teens around the world. The Vinyl Dolls clothing collection contains a wide variety of colors, fabrics, and styles to choose from.. Each unique product is hand-made with high-quality material and ready to ship. The Vinyl Dolls collection consists primarily of tops, skirts, dresses, leg warmers, wrist cuffs, and other accessories that match.

Designer Osi currently resides in Los Angeles, California creating alternative fashion for women and teens around the world. Her goal is to create beautifully colored gothic clubwear products rather than just black clothing. Vinyl Dolls clothing contains a wide variety of colors, fabrics, and styles to choose from. Each unique product is hand-made with high-quality materials. The Vinyl Dolls collection consists mainly of tops, skirts, dresses, leg warmers, wrist cuffs, and other accessories.

Vinyl Dolls Leg Warmers

Osi’s signature product is her fluffy leg …

Swishing: How to Get New Clothes and Ignore the Credit Crunch

Out from the gloomy cloud that is the financial crisis has emerged a bright new way of thinking. Purse strings may be tight and stomachs knotted in anticipation of the precarious next paycheque, but women across the world are determined not to let the stormy climate get them down. And what better way to lift the spirit than a brand new dress or a pair of shoes?

Well, perhaps not brand new. After all, we can’t shut our eyes and pretend the world hasn’t descended into an economic nightmare. Women across the globe have discovered ‘Swishing‘ – an event that calls upon women of all ages to bring items from their wardrobe they don’t wear anymore, and swap those items for something else. It’s the guilt-free answer to updating your look.

Look Good and Look After the Environment

Not only is it bank account friendly, Swishing has environmental …

Four Key Runway Trends for Fall Winter: From Houndstooth Checks to ’80s Disco Fever to Parisienne Chic

Whether it’s a Parisienne-inspired wardrobe, 1940s elegance, serious shoulders, sparkly sequins, country classic tweed and houndstooth checks, this fall’s offes soemthing for every age group. Designers have a number of decades covered from the forties to the eighties, along with traditional men’s fabrics, given a feminine twist.

Country Classic Trend

Country classic meets-contemporary with this season’s oversized graphic houndstooth checks and the perennial fashion favorite tweeds and plaid. Traditional men’s fabrics are back, representing a country classic look, but they have been reworked and into sexy cuts (shift dresses, sleeveless jackets and quirky suits) and feminine accessories.

Alexander McQueen is key in representing the most theatrical elements of this trend with outrageously-styles houndstooth skirt suit. Vivienne Westwood, Michael Kors, Moschino, DKNY, Karl Lagerfeld and Burberry embrace this trend whilst John Rocha weaves some classic fabrics into luxe, quirky pieces. Find salt-and-pepper-gray marl too, providing a more urban look, in tailored …

Sun Protective Clothing for Kids: UV Protection Clothes for Chidren

Find sun protective hats, swimwear, and shirts for kids online and protect kids from sun damage.

Chasing an active child around the beach or pool to slather her with sunscreen is no one’s idea of a perfect summer outing. Protect your kids from sun damage with durable and fashionable sun protection swimwear and clothing.

Clothing’s ability to block the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays is indicated by its ultraviolet protection factor, or UPF. A shirt with a UPF of 30, for example, allows only 1/30th of ultraviolet radiation to penetrate to the skin. All clothes provide some protection—those with darker colors and tighter fabric weaves block the most rays. Realizing few beachgoers wear heavy wool jackets to the beach, manufacturers now make special UV protective clothing with special weaves and chemical treatments that result in light, breathable shirts, pants, and swimwear that provide excellent sun protection.

You can also add protection …

Have Children Create Accessories: Headbands, Ballet Flats, Jewelry, etc.

Kids often want to personalize their clothing and accessories, but that doesn’t have to mean covering T-shirts with puff paint. There are other creative ways to combine crafts and personal style that will satisfy children and adults. Most of the following ideas will appeal to girls, but that doesn’t mean that the boys can’t help out!

Note: These projects need parental supervision, especially with the use of a glue gun.


What You Need:

Plain fabric headband

Sequins or glitter


Faux jewels


Glue gun

What To Do:

Have each child choose a plain-colored headband. Allow them to create any design using the above embellishments. The parent can them help the child affix the items to the headband using a hot glue gun.

Keep in mind to put most of the embellishments near the top of the headband and less at the bottom sides that go behind the …

Six Tips to Save Money on Clothing

Gas prices are going through the roof. Our milk now comes from a golden cow. Eggs are priced like they are filled with precious jewels. It seems like prices keep going up up faster than the money is coming in. It has become a goal of many families to save as much money as possible to cover these rising costs. Clothing is a necessity of life as well, unless you live in a nudist camp or chose to collect tickets for indecent exposure. This article will detail ways that you can cut those corners, but still have the shirt on your back.

  1. Shop yard sales. Last year’s best fashions can occasionally be found for sale on your neighbor’s lawn, and generally the price tag is less then the tax on the original item. Most people who hold yard sales have no problem with allowing you to try clothing on as

Five Fashion Must-Haves: Clothing and Accessories Women Shouldn’t Live Without

Fashion is not rocket science, but it can be confusing. Keep it simple by having these five essential fashion items handy.

Colorful Tights

Tights can add a pop of color to any oufit and they are perfect for those chilly days when legs need a little extra warmth. Wear brown, white, black or navy tights with dresses or skirts for a look that can be worn to work. Use brighter colors such as red, purple and orange to create a more playful and youthful look. Extend the life of your shorts well into the Fall by pairing them with tights and heels. Tights are an inexpensive way to add personality to any look.

Lightweight Sweaters

Thin sweaters are extremely versatile and can be used for casual and formal outfits. Purchase some simple lightweight sweaters in bold colors. Wear a thin sweater over a blouse for a professional look. Throw on …