Kids often want to personalize their clothing and accessories, but that doesn’t have to mean covering T-shirts with puff paint. There are other creative ways to combine crafts and personal style that will satisfy children and adults. Most of the following ideas will appeal to girls, but that doesn’t mean that the boys can’t help out!

Note: These projects need parental supervision, especially with the use of a glue gun.


What You Need:

Plain fabric headband

Sequins or glitter


Faux jewels


Glue gun

What To Do:

Have each child choose a plain-colored headband. Allow them to create any design using the above embellishments. The parent can them help the child affix the items to the headband using a hot glue gun.

Keep in mind to put most of the embellishments near the top of the headband and less at the bottom sides that go behind the ears.

Ballet Flats

What You Need:

Plain ballet flats

Glitter or sequins


What To Do:

This is pretty simple – apply glue to selected areas and cover with glitter (pour on and shake off excess) or sequins (a bit more work, applied one by one).

Some fun options:

  • Black flats covered with gold or silver glitter
  • Apply glue in swirls to the shoe. Cover the swirls with glitter, let dry. Then carefully apply glue to the remaining areas and cover with a different color of glitter.
  • Use a different color glitter/sequin to the toe part of the shoe to create a “cap toe” look.

Bag It

What You Need:

Plain fabric bag

Flat ribbon



Hot glue gun (or sewing needle and thread)

What To Do:

  1. Tie a thick ribbon around the bag and affix with glue or sewing thread. Make the ribbon into a bow.
  2. Tie or sew buttons onto the bag.
  3. Affix a pin/brooch to the center of the bow or as an accent near the bag’s handles.
  4. Add any more embellishments as desired.

Shrinky-Dink Keychains

What You Need:

“Shrinky-dink” clear paper, available at craft stores

Sharpie markers in various colors

Hole puncher

Ribbon or keychain

What To Do:

  1. Give each child a piece of Shrinky-dink paper in a generous size, at least 3×5.
  2. The children can draw whatever design or image they want using the Sharpie markers.
  3. Punch a hole in the top of each sheet of paper.
  4. Place all papers on a baking sheet. Follow directions (on paper’s package) for baking.
  5. When the baking time is complete, the paper will have shrunk into small, hard plastic – tie a ribbon through the hole or affix a keychain.

Jewelry Making

What You Need:

Stretchy string or wire


Clasp and jewelry tools (optional)

What To Do:

  1. Purchase separate beads at a bead store (though this can be expensive) or buy a bead kit at a craft store.
  2. String beads in any pattern (or randomly) on string or wire.
  3. Affix a clasp. For younger or more fickle children, forgo the clasp and simple tie a secure knot with the string.

Creative Designs

Children can pick up new talents easily. Have them learn to knit or crochet – they can make hats, scarves, sweaters, whatever they desire.

Find a local knitting store that gives group kid lessons or private lessons. Knitting books are one thing, but there’s nothing like having someone actually demonstrate the techniques.

Invest in a book of patterns, or some knitting stores will give customers patterns for free.