Gas prices are going through the roof. Our milk now comes from a golden cow. Eggs are priced like they are filled with precious jewels. It seems like prices keep going up up faster than the money is coming in. It has become a goal of many families to save as much money as possible to cover these rising costs. Clothing is a necessity of life as well, unless you live in a nudist camp or chose to collect tickets for indecent exposure. This article will detail ways that you can cut those corners, but still have the shirt on your back.

  1. Shop yard sales. Last year’s best fashions can occasionally be found for sale on your neighbor’s lawn, and generally the price tag is less then the tax on the original item. Most people who hold yard sales have no problem with allowing you to try clothing on as well.
  2. Look at consignment shops and resale locations. These will be a bit more expensive then a yard sale, but you are sure to find a larger selection and the clothes are normally not mixed with parachute pants or tie-dyed tees.
  3. Shop online. Clothing comes from new retailers and is occasionally on sale for less then the retailers discount shipping costs with a minimum purchase. Also, perform an online search for coupon codes. You might be surprised what you can save with a short five minute search.
  4. Earn extra cash for clothing by reselling some of your tired pieces. Your cast offs may just be exactly what some one else is looking for. List items on ebay or other auction sights. Take loads to the local consignment shop. Hold your own yard sale.
  5. Shop for and buy classics. Most women own a LBD, or little black dress. Why? Because it is a classic piece of clothing that gets a lot of mileage for the money spent and is a good item to have in the closet should an event come up with little warning. Build your wardrobe with classic items that can last for many years in neutral colors to guarantee more bang for your buck.
  6. Shop for items that work well together. Create multiple outfits from six or so articles of clothing to make your wardrobe appear bigger and your style to shine forth. Mix and match items to create entire new to you outfits.

Clothing prices are sure to rise just as most other items are lately. That said, it doesn’t mean that you will be wearing a barrel with suspenders. There are many options available to find clothing that is priced right, and will save you from shocking the little old lady who lives down the corner.