Fashion is not rocket science, but it can be confusing. Keep it simple by having these five essential fashion items handy.

Colorful Tights

Tights can add a pop of color to any oufit and they are perfect for those chilly days when legs need a little extra warmth. Wear brown, white, black or navy tights with dresses or skirts for a look that can be worn to work. Use brighter colors such as red, purple and orange to create a more playful and youthful look. Extend the life of your shorts well into the Fall by pairing them with tights and heels. Tights are an inexpensive way to add personality to any look.

Lightweight Sweaters

Thin sweaters are extremely versatile and can be used for casual and formal outfits. Purchase some simple lightweight sweaters in bold colors. Wear a thin sweater over a blouse for a professional look. Throw on a simple sweater with a pair of jeans for a casual look. A thin sweater can also be worn underneath a blazer.

Handbags, Purses and Clutches

A fashionable handbag or clutch can dress up an outfit. Purchase an everyday handbag that is big enought to hold daily essentials such as wallets, cell phones and make up. Try to purchase a neutral handbag so that it can be used with most outfits. Use small colorful clutches to add some flair and dress up other outfits. The clutches should be big enough to hold money, a cell phone and some make up.

Simple Camisoles

A camisole or camie can be worn underneath low-cut shirts, sweaters and blazers or by itself. This clothing item is a must-have for those who want to get the most out of their outfits. Use a camisole underneath a cardigan or blazer for a stylish layered look. Wear a simple camie with some jeans for a sexy casual look. A couple simple camisoles can help to stretch a wardrobe and add variety to a number of looks.

The Basic Blue Jean

Everyone must have at least one pair of well-fitting jeans. Not only do they do wonders for the derrier, they inject comfort into a wardrobe. Dark denim is a great choice for most people as it is slimming and stylish. Make sure to look for a cut that flatters the body instead of purchasing a cut that is in style for the moment. Jeans can be dressed up with a sexy pump and stylish top. Wear them with a simple tee for an everyday look.