Fashion Assistant Jobs: Where and How to Work for a Magazine

Making it in fashion journalism requires patience and time. Everyone starts somewhere—and for many, the fashion assistant position is a great way to begin a budding fashion career. Knowing how and where to find fashion assistant positions is key.

Get to Know Fashion Assistant Duties

It is important to know what a fashion assistant at a magazine actually does before applying for positions. While editorial assistants work more with the magazine’s word content, fashion assistants work more with the actual clothing and fashion shooting at many magazines. Magazine editors need help with organizing, research and events. That is where a fashion assistant comes in, aiding with:

* Organizing the fashion closet

* Managing clothing returns

* Working with fashion interns and editors

* Researching fashion trends and markets

* Writing about fashion

* Attending fashion shows

* Assistant fashion editors

Where to Find Fashion Assistant Jobs

  • This magazine-oriented

Cinematic Fashion Muses: Movies for Fashion Inspiration

People get their fashion inspiration anywhere from the streets to art museums to their favorite movies. Movies are a great way to glean fashion ideas since they’re easily accessable and set a tone that informs a specific look. Here are five fashion-forward movies to set you on the trail to stylistic success.

The Wardrobe from Heathers

Some might think it gauche to sport the rich-bitch look during a recession, but your local thrift shop more than likely has enough tiered skirts, brooches and mini-skirted power suits to fill your closet ten times over. Another reason to rock the yuppie-in-traiing look? Heathers: The Musical is due out in 2010, making their wardrobe ripe for a comeback. Why not do it before everyone else does?

The Look of The Royal Tennenbaums

Some see the movie as Seventies/ early Eighties chic brought to its terrifying limit, others see it as an indie fashion …

Decade-Inspired Fashions: Vintage Trends from Four Exceptionally Stylish Eras

Vintage fashion has become a highly regarded trend in the fashion industry today. Designers and fashionistas alike are taking trends from past decades and incorporating them into modern style. Whether buying something new with a vintage flair or an authentic piece from that era, vintage fashion can offer a creative and individualistic look.

Clothing, shoes and accessories from past eras can be cheaper than buying new, and it is also environmentally friendly to reuse an item. Ideas can come from the style of the rockabilly girls of the 1950s to the funky chicks of the 1980s. Buying vintage helps to express creativity, with classic and timeless pieces that always make a statement.

1940s: Sophistication in Tweed

Defined by World War II, fashion in the 1940s evolved, departing from the money saving days of the Great Depression. In the 1940s, designers used fabric in more quantity for example, the creation of …

Fashion Designers You Should Know

Fashion heavy hitters like Dior, Versace and Prada have become household names — thanks in part to Sex and the City — but there was a time when only those in the industry knew who they were. So, which designers currently have the fashion mags and industry pros buzzing? Here are a few of the names you should know…


Whitley Kros: Designers Sophia Coloma and Marissa Ribisi (artsy / casual chic — L.A. and Australia).

Zachariah Bryant: Designer Zachariah Bryant (global chic).


Coley Claire: NYC Designers Amy McCormick and Kate Hayes (vintage).

Vena Cava: NYC-based designers Lisa Mayock and Sophie Buhai (classic, elegant).

Erin Fetherston: NYC designer Erin Fetherston (urban chic).

Rogan, Loomstate and EDUN: All three headed by designer Rogan Gregory in collaboration with other designers (Eco-friendly).

Day: Designers Justin Thornton [ from Preen ] and Thea Bregazzi (classic bohemian).

Nikka: NYC-based designer …

Using Summer Trends for Fall Fashions to Save Money

Use your existing spring and summer clothing to make a fashionable and cheap fall wardrobe. Mix and match to make your personal style.

The summer is coming to an end and the weather is becoming cooler. The short-shorts are no longer in need and the tank tops won’t keep your arms warm. Buying new clothes for fall is expensive for some, especially if pants, long-sleeve shirts and accessories are required.

However, you can use some of your summer accessories and clothing as part of your fall clothing to save money and reuse your clothing while continuously being fashionable. It is all about remembering the colour palette and being confident in what you wear.

Fall Fashion Trends

The fall fashion trends for 2021 are about volume and the general cone shape. This means that the leggings and tight legs from the spring and summer will carry into the fall fashion trends, …