Use your existing spring and summer clothing to make a fashionable and cheap fall wardrobe. Mix and match to make your personal style.

The summer is coming to an end and the weather is becoming cooler. The short-shorts are no longer in need and the tank tops won’t keep your arms warm. Buying new clothes for fall is expensive for some, especially if pants, long-sleeve shirts and accessories are required.

However, you can use some of your summer accessories and clothing as part of your fall clothing to save money and reuse your clothing while continuously being fashionable. It is all about remembering the colour palette and being confident in what you wear.

Fall Fashion Trends

The fall fashion trends for 2021 are about volume and the general cone shape. This means that the leggings and tight legs from the spring and summer will carry into the fall fashion trends, which is great for those who bought several pairs of leggings and long-hanging shirts.

In addition, the 2021 fall fashions will also include classic knitting. This means that those who know how to knit can create their own shirts, turtle necks and scarves in fall colors. Prints are also popular, so keep spring and summer print shirts and skirts for your fall collection.

Common Fall Colours

Common fall colors are often based on the fall scene. The primary fall colors are yellow, orange, brown, black and dark green. These colors do not necessarily play a role in summer garments, but that does not mean you cannot reuse your summer clothing in your fall wardrobe.

Buy accessories in the common fall colors, such as scarves, bracelets, necklaces and rings. You can also purchase shoes, jackets and a few long sleeve shirts. You do not have to buy a full wardrobe, so you can save money by only buying accessories and a few warmer clothes.

Using Existing Fashions

Start by cleaning out your closet and examine what items you wish to keep for your fall wardrobe. Keep neutral-colored clothing, such as black, white, navy, reds, greens, creams and grays, whether it is pants, shirts or skirts.

Secondly, pair your existing clothing with your fall accessories by matching colors. If you are working with bold colors, only match two colors with a neutral gray, white, black or cream. You can also have one bold color as the primary color, such as pink, if you match it with gray and orange, for example.

Remember that it is not about what matches the clothing on a fashion runway or what is hanging on the hangers at the local clothing stores. It is about what makes you feel confident in your own clothes, so let your creativity run wild.