What is Wardrobe Personality? Save Money on Clothes That Improve Image to Look and Feel Great

Image consultants help people look and feel great. They can use a number of tools in their work, including an assessment of Wardrobe Personality. Identification and understanding of Wardrobe Personality can improve selection of clothes and accessories to complement every individual. Improving choices about image can reduce overall cost when buying clothes and help everyone to look and feel great.

Wardrobe Personality is a term used to describe the overall look of a group of clothes and accessories which an individual chooses to wear.

There are different categorizations of wardrobe personality in use. Many image consultants have descriptions on their websites. Typically, between four and six different wardrobe personality types are explained, with ten types being identified by Angela Marshall in her books Being Truly You.

What is Wardrobe Personality?

The theory is based on the idea that everyone has preferences which dictate which clothes and accessories will …

Fashion Spring Summer: The Latest Fashion Trends and What to Buy This Season

At the beginning of each season, women wonder what to buy from the new collections designed by the fashion world’s most creative minds. To start with, it is always a good idea to have a look at current trends before giving them a personal interpretation.

Cut, Colour, Combination

  • Cut creates the overall effect of proportion and the silhouette. This season, they are figure-flattering, loose or tight-fitting but always easy to wear. Shoulder pads and body-con cuts tell us that the eighties revival is not quite over yet, but comes in an updated version. All in all the silhouettes are rather balanced in proportion.
  • Prints are big in every sense of the word – they come as flowers and in ethnic styles. They may be digitally designed, which sometimes creates a rather fascinating tromp l’oeil effect.
  • Neutral shades and soft powdery tones counterbalance the strong prints. A fresh candy colour palette

Stella McCartney: Fashion With a Conscience

It was a media frenzy as a young McCartney gained notoriety for enlisting the help of her friends Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, and Yasmin LeBon to tread the catwalk at her graduating fashion show at the famed Central St. Martins College of Art in London as Twiggy and parents, Linda and Paul, looked on from the front row.

While some might say that the success of Stella McCartney was a given due to her famous name, that sentiment pays little due to the genuine talent, distinctive look, and staying power of a woman who apprenticed with Christian Lacroix at just fifteen, and whose early career seemed to draw much more vitriol from critics and naysayers (mostly from within the fashion industry) than it did praise.

Indeed, the appointment by the Paris fashion house Chloé in 1997 of a then barely 25-year-old daughter of a Beatle as their chief designer did …

How to Dress ’80s for Girls

The ’80s is a popular dress up theme for Homecoming Week or other special celebration weeks in schools. It is an easy fashion to emulate, which allows students to be creative and resourceful.

Valley Girl Look

Valley Girls were the girls who acted like they were from “The Valley” in California. The phenomenon created a hit song, movie, and new vocabulary. Additionally, it created a new way to dress, which is a popular choice for an ’80s dress-up look.

The look can be of any color; however, the brighter the colors the better: hot pink, yellow, lime green. A tiered mini skirt is a good foundation. If one cannot be found, then a denim mini-skirt will do. For the top a black tank top covered with a bright T-shirt will do. The T-shirt can be stretched around the neck or the neck collar can be carefully cut out. The neck …