Image consultants help people look and feel great. They can use a number of tools in their work, including an assessment of Wardrobe Personality. Identification and understanding of Wardrobe Personality can improve selection of clothes and accessories to complement every individual. Improving choices about image can reduce overall cost when buying clothes and help everyone to look and feel great.

Wardrobe Personality is a term used to describe the overall look of a group of clothes and accessories which an individual chooses to wear.

There are different categorizations of wardrobe personality in use. Many image consultants have descriptions on their websites. Typically, between four and six different wardrobe personality types are explained, with ten types being identified by Angela Marshall in her books Being Truly You.

What is Wardrobe Personality?

The theory is based on the idea that everyone has preferences which dictate which clothes and accessories will feel most comfortable and fit with an individual’s personality. For example, two commonly identified wardrobe personalities are classic and romantic:

  • Classic people like clothes and accessories that convey quality and expensive style with minimum detail.
  • Romantic people will like more color and free-flowing clothes. Accessories and textures matter and details are important.

Some image consultants take wardrobe personality further and believe that it can help people to understand more about themselves and how expressing clothing preferences is a clue to an individual’s underlying personality. For example, people who prefer classic clothes have a tendency to be detailed and meticulous.

How Does Understanding Wardrobe Personality Save Money?The ability to recognize the wardrobe personality of particular clothes and accessories means that expensive mistakes can be avoided. For example, a long flowing coat with lots of patterned detail is more likely to be a good buy for a romantic personality rather than a classic personality.

If a whole wardrobe is built with the majority of clothes and accessories based around the dominant wardrobe personality then many of the articles will go together, which means overall a smaller wardrobe and less total cost.

How Does Wardrobe Personality Affect Looking and Feeling Great?

People wearing clothes and accessories which match their wardrobe personality feel comfortable in their clothes. That means more confidence, which means positive reactions and so even more confidence. The increased confidence leads to more people feeling and looking great.

Another way to save money on clothes and accessories is to assess each purchase in terms of Cost-Per-Wear. Using this powerful technique with an understanding of Wardrobe Personality can help everyone to save money when buying clothes and accessories.