Find sun protective hats, swimwear, and shirts for kids online and protect kids from sun damage.

Chasing an active child around the beach or pool to slather her with sunscreen is no one’s idea of a perfect summer outing. Protect your kids from sun damage with durable and fashionable sun protection swimwear and clothing.

Clothing’s ability to block the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays is indicated by its ultraviolet protection factor, or UPF. A shirt with a UPF of 30, for example, allows only 1/30th of ultraviolet radiation to penetrate to the skin. All clothes provide some protection—those with darker colors and tighter fabric weaves block the most rays. Realizing few beachgoers wear heavy wool jackets to the beach, manufacturers now make special UV protective clothing with special weaves and chemical treatments that result in light, breathable shirts, pants, and swimwear that provide excellent sun protection.

You can also add protection against ultraviolet rays by washing your family’s clothes with SunGuard laundry aid. This product infuses everyday clothing with a special chemical that increases UPF protection to 30. Buy at the SunGuard website ( for $1.99 per one-ounce packet (plus shipping) or at for $20 for six packets, plus shipping.

The following online stores offer clothes and swimwear with built-in sun protection.

All Sport Sun Protection Hat

This lightweight cap from Coolibar (see photo below), unisex in style and color options, features breathable fabric, a three-inch visor for added face coverage, and a soft fabric drape to cover your child’s neck. A hidden elastic drawcord allows for individual sizing. Choose from small/medium (kids ages 2–8) or large/extra-large (kids ages 10-16). Available in tan, stone, white, or navy. Price: $11.95. Shipping is $4.95.

Girls’ Two-Piece UV Protection Swimsuit

Get a UPF of 50 wet or dry with the two-piece girls’ swimsuit, pictured below, available through The Sun Busters blue and yellow suit features a short-sleeve ruched top and bikini bottom. The suit is also resistant to chlorine and available in sizes from 2 to 12. Price: $48.90. Shipping is $5.50.

Cargo Board Shorts for Boys

Get Lands’ End quality and styling as well as UPF 50 protection with floral print cargo board swim shorts for boys (see photo below). In a navy or red print bold print, these knee-length shorts are 100 percent nylon with a mesh liner and an elastic waist. Available in toddler, little boy, and big boy sizes. Price: $24.99, $4.95 shipping.

Infant and Toddler Romper and Hat Set

UV Sungear uses no chemicals to provide UPF 50 protection on this romper and hat set for little ones. The sun protection comes from the tight weave of the soft, breathable fabric. The romper snaps from neck to ankle and the hat includes a hook-and-loop strap. The set is available in white with a choice of royal blue, yellow, or pink trim. Sizes are 3–9 months, 9–18 months, and 18–24 months. Price: $59.95. Shipping is $7.95.

UV Protected Baby Cape

Baby stays protected from the sun with a full-length polyester baby poncho from The garment had head-to-toe coverage and a substantial visor on the hood to shade baby’s face. UPF protection is 50. One size in white with pink or navy trim, or navy with red trim. Price: $39.95. Shipping is $6.95.