Fashions come and go faster than we can change our socks. Trying to keep up with trends and styles can be a disaster for the wallet. No one wants to look trendy and be broke. Recycling old and vintage styles is becoming a fashion in itself. It is a less costly, more efficient and greener option to breaking the bank for newest and best accessories.

The Future of Recycled Clothes

To prepare for the future, invest in some basic pieces that never go out of fashion. Luxurious pea coats, simple tops in basic colors and blue jeans never go out of fashion. All of these items can be used over and over, and can be embellished with the current trend.


Owning certain equipment can aid in getting the most out of outdated clothes. A sewing machine is excellent not only for finishing hems, but also for sewing together simple bags and scarves. Many sewing machines come with an embroidering feature that lets you personalize your creation. If you cannot afford a sewing machine, there are some handheld options that will get the job done and usually cost less than $20. Hot glue guns, fabric scissors, measuring tape and hemming tape also come in handy.

Recycled Clothes and Accessories

Recycled accessories are perhaps the easiest way to put used apparel to good use. For example, hair accessories are always changing. Use ribbons located around the house for dainty hair bows. A hair band can be made of scarves, neckties or colorful socks.

Another accessory worthy of recycling is the belt. Take that old faded belt and give it a facelift by adding decorative items such as sequins or bottle caps. Another option is to line the belt with colorful paperclips that have been straightened into straight lines.

Clothes on the other hand can be reused with little alterations. Instead of wearing an out of date fashion as a centerpiece, use it for layering to achieve a more boho chic look. Cut the bottom off of an old shirt and fray its edges. Use it as a hip scarf. Blue jeans and pants can be cut off to create capris or shorts. Hem the edges for a finished look. For old jeans, add adhesive sequins to the back pockets for a trendy look.

Green Fashion for Winter

For the colder months, cut the sleeves from an old sweater and use them to create leg warmers. Finish the edges and sew additional fabrics and accessories to them for a fun look. Cut the hood and neck from an old hooded sweatshirt and use it as a neck warmer or slouchy turtleneck.

Spring and Summer Fashion Tips

The warmer months are an easier task, as the clothes tend to be less bulky and less voluminous. Less fabric means more options. Create a fun beach wrap out of a silky kimono shirt or a sheer night gown. Finish the edges with fringe for a professional style. Add life to old flip flops and sandals by decorating them with charms, fabric or sequins. Cut an old one piece swim suit into a bikini and use the extra fabric as a matching head band.