It’s no wonder that men are such clothing geeks. It starts in infancy. What are hip little dudes supposed to wear? Cute and funky clothing for baby boys is out there, but it’s a bit hard to find. If hard-core punk or rock-and-roll baby stuff isn’t the right thing, gift givers should at least find something that has black and white or bright colors.

Newborn Baby Clothes

Babies can’t see pastels. Newborn infants start their lives seeing in black and white. After a week or so, they start seeing bright colors and bright contrasts. Infants look at edges, like where the black edge of a graphic print meets the white background.

Adults may prefer pastels but babies are not visually stimulated by soft colors. And, a baby’s brain needs input: talking, singing, colors, touch, and things like that. Well, it’s probably best to start out with Chopin or Vivaldi, but eventually the little guy is going to love Guns N’ Roses’ “Sweet Child of Mine,” but don’t play it too loud or the baby will be deaf by the time he’s ready for his first electric guitar.

Punk Baby Clothes

Real punk babies don’t need piercings and tattoos to be cool. There are alternatives.

  • Sourpuss: This clothing company makes cute baby one-piece rompers with punksters like GG Allin, The Ramones (several images), and Never Mind the Bollocks (Sex Pistols). Look around because punk baby gear is sold on quite a few websites.
  • Check out their black romper with white brass knuckles, black T shirt with red-and-white Dead Kennedys logo or Social Distortion, black onesie with skull and diaper pins, rebel skull, and more.
  • Cute Mohawk hats in black, blue, red, orange, and pink.

Trendy Tattoo Clothing for Babies

Punk rocker tattoos are on everything from tees to baby diaper bags. Isn’t capitalism a wonderful thing? Well, yes, it is; otherwise all babies would be wearing little Chairman Mao PJs.


  • Jaminga: This company has cool quality designs. Their stuff is sold all over the internet, except for boring baby websites, so look for sales. Here are a few of their Baby Cool Onesie designs: Black Panther, Honor (beautiful wings), Mom Tattoo, Black Sugar Skull (like Day of the Dead in Mexico), Dragon on red background.
  • Badd Baby: These artsy one-piece outfits are some of the best things for baby boys on the internet. Grandmas and other family members should check these out even if they hate punk rock. Badd Baby breaks the mold for boys’ fashion. Drippy spray paint styles include Anarchy Grunge, Blue Argyle, Cassette Tape. Artsy styles are called Dolphin Flame, Koi Fish, Panther, Rebel Rocker, Rebel Through and Through, Shark, and Vintage Dragon.
  • Ed Hardy: Baby Bulldog Romper in Turquoise and Panther Dragon on blue camo.

Grandmas and grandpas who think this baby stuff is bizarre should know that it’s very hip and trendy with celebrities. And, what is wrong with having a little rock and roll baby?

Rock Baby Clothes

Old folks and neo hippies may want their little tykes to wear other rock icons like those at Here’s the company’s tagline “You May Not Be Cool, But Your Baby Can Be.” They have Jim Morrison, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, and others.

Cute Baby Clothes

If all of this just seems a little wild, here are other baby outfits that aren’t in washed-out-wimp pastels.

  • Rowdy Sprout: This company makes snap-suits with Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band or Beatles’ Yellow Submarine. Of course, the next present should be a shirt that says “Who Are the Beatles?” from
  • Okutani: These baby items are very snappy and bright. Look around for boys (or unisex) styles like I Love Me, Patches, Super Hero, Super Baby, or Candy. These outfits are cute without being cloying.
  • Paul Frank: and other sites have Small Paul rompers. Some of his designs have the whacky Julius monkey and some are just hipster patterns.
  • Monster Kids: Unisex Monster Bodysuit.

If none of these baby gifts knocks a gift seeker’s socks off, there are always Andy Warhol printed baby bibs at When purchasing clothing for a newborn, it’s usually a good idea to buy something a bit larger that the infant can grow into. Babies, like puppies, grow quickly.