Here are good deals on patriotic Americana clothing for mom and kids. Look for anything that’s red, white, and blue.

Infant 4th of July

If grandma wants to buy something for baby that says “My First 4th of July”, that’s cool. However, some red, white, and blue outfits will look great all summer.

  • Patriotic Dog Romper (holding a flag). Sizes: 6 months – 24 months. The matching tee shirt comes in children’s and adult sizes. They have a similar style with a waving flag. These can be worn any day of the year. Start a trend.
  • Stars and Stripes Baby Romper (onesie). This is absolutely adorable without any personalization (plain). If mom or dad wants a design, go for something simple like the word “America” or “All American Baby.” A classic style (with no customization or just a very simple design) makes the outfit look more expensive and it will photograph better.
  • One-piece flag shirt crawler (onesie)is $5. For girls, they have a red “Daddy’s American Beauty”. For boys, they have a navy “Mommy’s American Hero”. Cheap prices. Nothing wrong with that.

Boys Polo Shirts

Get the boys something cool that can be worn any day of the year.

  • E-Land Kids: Boys’ Patriotic Red, White, and Blue US Flag shirt. It really rocks. Let the little guy wear it to school in fall. Check around to find the best prices. (Sometimes it’s spelled Eland.) Sizes: 2T – 12.
  • Red Chest Stripe Polo Shirt. This is much cuter than the tee shirts at Target and not much more. Also, this can be worn throughout the year, so it’s a better buy. Sizes: 3-6 months to 3T. The patriotic clothing at Gymboree is on sale so get cracking. has something similar in sizes XS-XXL.

Fourth of July Party Clothes for Girls

Be practical. Don’t get something that can only be once a year unless it’s for an important occasion such as a family reunion that happens every decade.

  • Patriotic girls dress or infant top and bloomers. It has stars on a blue background and red-and-white striped trim, but it will still be cute in August. Sizes 0/3 months – 24 months or 2T – 10 Girls. Price: $28 – $34. If that is too much money, just get the kids matching hats. The patriotic hats for girls are only $13 and they come in 4 sizes.
  • Their mostly-blue Star Dress is 100% cotton and comes in sizes 4 – 12. It’s a little over $20. Red White and Cute Tee is mostly red and adorable. Sizes 3-6 mo – 5T. Texans may like the adorable red and white cowgirl outfit. Hopefully, it will still fit for Halloween.
  • Hello Kitty tee shirt in red, white, and blue. This won’t look silly when the little cutie wants to wear it to school.
  • Bonnie Jean Dresses: Look around the internet for good prices on Bonnie Jean brand ruffled dresses with red leggings. Various sites offer this or similarly patriotic styles in sizes 3mo – 9mo, 12mo – 24mo, or 2-6x. This company makes frocks (sizes 7-16) in red, white, and blue that will be cute any time of the year. One style has ivory dots on a navy background with a red sash.
  • Old Navy has a cute pink, red, or white tee with an American flag for $5. Check it now because it will sell out. (They have these for boys, too.)

Let the little princess wear her new outfit or hat for the first time on July 4th, but be “money conscious” and try to buy something that doesn’t say “4th of July”. Nautical style clothing in red and white or blue and white is very hip in Europe, so it will be in style in North America for a long time because The States lag behind Paris and Milan.

Affordable Maternity Wear

Women get so hot and tired when they are pregnant. It would be fun for mom to have something simple and new.

  • See their tee shirts that say “Due in July” or “All American Baby on the Way”. Wear that with the blue Maternity Smocked Tiered Skirt at Old Navy for a cool look.
  • Check out their Spaghetti Strap Smocked Maternity Maxi Dress. It’s in navy tie-dye and though it’s not quite red, white, and blue, it’s close enough. It might even be cute enough to wear after the baby is born. Under $35.
  • Red and White Boob Design Maternity Riviera Long Dress. This is a graphic paisley print that will still be hot during the next pregnancy.

Look online as soon as possible because the well-priced cute stuff goes fast. If the cheap Old Navy tees are sold out, sometimes a shopper can find these items in the store. Call first before wasting gas.