Holographic paper
Paper punch (optional)

Imagine the attention that you’ll generate when you wear the latest in holographic shoes, fashions, and accessories. Oh, but have you seen the prices on that kind of stuff? Whoa! Sure, it’s nice to wear the most recent of all fashion creations but who wants to invest that kind of money on, likely, a passing fad? Well, you do, of course. Hey, I’ve got an idea for getting you looking as though there’s no clothing that’s out of your budget, while having you spend very little. When you make your own holographic items you save big money over going out to buy them.

Holographic adhesive paper makes it super easy to add shiny accents to any number of fashion items. Take shoes, for example. You can cut narrow or wide strips of holographic paper and wrap them around the heels of high heels. Or, cut long strips and run them along the sides, right above the soles, for a different look. Put holographic accents on aglets (the plastic thing that wraps around the ends of each shoestring to keep it from unraveling). The shiny, sparkling touches on shoes go with nearly any outfit. Holographic paper can be added to tennis shoes, flip-flops, sandals, and other shoes.

Want some holographic accents on your purse? Cut pieces to put on a vinyl purse; put them on the strap, on pockets, or elsewhere on the purse. Put holographic accents on belts, certain hats, clutches, and more. Simply cut shapes from the holographic paper and apply them to the chosen item. As long as that item is smooth, the holographic paper will stay affixed. However, if the paper needs to be removed so that you can launder an item, go ahead and do so, and then put new holographic accents onto that object.

There are lots of designs that you can do when you cut the holographic paper into unique shapes. Cut hearts and put them on high heels. Cut triangles and align them up and down the edges of a belt. Cut a single letter shape and put it on a purse – or make a monogram.

Purchase holographic paper online or at a local craft store. It comes in many patterns and colors and it’s not expensive at all. When you get the paper, review your wardrobe, and see what things you own that you can update with holographic accents. You’ll have a shiny new life.