Take gun metal grey, fluorescent pink, body chains, swim wear, evening wear, add a touch of snow, and you get Fashion Pallete 2010.

1920s inspired, fashion label ‘Lage De Elegance,’ was a glimmer of lace and flamboyance – my favourite pic out of the collection of future fashion designers featured at this years’ show, held at Circular Quay Sydney.

The show was filled with upcoming fashion designers from all over the country, as well as well known designer Wayne Cooper, show casing upcoming trends featured in this year’s Spring Summer collection.

Baanu Couture:

It was a mixture of grunge and glamour. Eye catching much? Yes. Design label ‘Baanu Couture,’ attracted a whole new level to the world of fashion, with their attached body chained pieces one would think that we’re living in some sort of space age era. Wow.

Anaesia Sydney:

Anaesia Sydney’s collection was also of feminine indulgence, capturing the light of 1920s inspired dresses, which really give women a chance to show off their waistlines. Femininity, beauty, all in one.

Samantha Wills:

On an inspiring note, Jewellery maker and designer, Samantha Wills was totally eye catching. Her vibrant personality and thriving ambition for her jewellery designs are worth buying for. The “anyone can do it” attitude clearly symbolises a positive attitude. Her works are wearable art pieces, also featured in the cast of the movie Sex and The City 2.

Australian designers are showing a glimmer of hope with the big world out there when it comes to the world of fashion. Inspiring, yet challenging designs will evidently have fashionistas all around the world gasping.

Peter Dwyer:

Peter Dwyer, teacher, artist & fashion designer. Wow. Very inspiring and entertaining to watch and listen to. His works were a collection of modern contemporary looks designed by his students, and one would say space age artwork like pieces!

Dwyer’s pieces were categorised in five forms: uniform, cybersport, punk goddess, budoir and new rebel. What inspired me the most were the paper garments. Who would ever know or guess to make garments out of paper? And to look good too and have fashionistas talking? Thumbs up there Pete!

Overrall, the show was a worthwhile experience and it was good to see the upcoming hidden names of fashion. You never know you might be picking up one of their selective garments over the next year or so. The pieces were collaborative, challenging and inspiring. Definitely looking forward to Fashion Pallete 2011, watch out Wayne Cooper!!