Some say that what you wear speaks volumes about you. I agree with them to some extent. It’s not what you wear really, but how you wear it. Here are a few fashion tips that I have followed and developed over the years.

  1. Shoes- Think about it this way. Every part of your wardrobe tells a story. Your shoes can scream things about you. I am not going to tell you exactly what kind of shoes to wear but I can suggest a few pointers based off of what I have been successful with.
    You can’t go wrong with a nice pair of Puma’s. They are simple, comfortable, and look absolutely wonderful. If you go with a white color, be sure to wash them frequently. They tend to stain easily.
  2. Jeans-I prefer Diesel, Express Men, or 7 For All Mankind. These designer jeans tend to be a bit pricey, but you will notice a difference in quality once you break them in a little bit.
  3. Accessories- Contrary to popular belief (peacock theory) guys indeed do need some sort of accessories. Sunglasses, Necklace, Armband, Earings, Piercings. Standing out is important. I am not telling you to go out and look completely obnoxious, but standing out a little bit is important. You are an exciting and entertaining guy. Every article tells a story.
  4. Jackets- My style has conformed quite a bit to me wearing different track jackets all of the time. I have developed a healthy obsession with Express track jackets. They keep you surprisingly warm in the winter and they breath well in the summer.
  5. HOW YOUR CLOTHES FIT!- Your style does not matter as much as how well your clothes fit. Do not wear extremely baggy clothes. Do now wear tight clothes. Get an opinion from one of your girlfriends to see what looks best on you.